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Conference on human intelligence

The ISIR conference in Melbourne, Australia, December 12-14, 2013 was a most inspiring experience with great oral presentations and posters about many different aspects of human intelligence. The conference program with abstracts can be found here:

My special interest in latent variable measurement models was satisfied mostly by a private talk with Dr. Gilles E. Gignac (, who emphasises the importance of the bifactor model.

The importance of this model, also for clinical practice, is beautifully demonstrated in his and Dr. Watkins’ thought provoking new paper: Bifactor Modeling and the Estimation of Model-Based Reliability in the WAIS-IV  (see link below). The low reliability of the WAIS-IV indexes independent of g (e.g. after the g-variance is partialled out), will probably come as a surprise to many of my collegues, who often rely heavily on interpretation of index profiles and even on subtest profiles.

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