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Official report on the study is out

The  hierarchical model described in the previous post was used in a study on: “Long Term Effects of Prenatal Exposure to  Pesticides“.

The report from “Miljøstyrelsen” (the Danish Environmental Protection Agency) can now be downloaded at:

The actual measurement model (before entering of covariates with effect on g) looks like this:

After correction for covariates there was a weak negative effect of prenatal pesticideexposure in girls alone. The negative effect was significant at level p = .03 in two-sided test.

There is an English summary in the report on pp. 11 – 14. An excerpt from the summary:

Effects on the nervous system
Overall, there were no significant effects of prenatal pesticide exposure on
children, but if the genders were analyzed separately, negative effects of
exposure were seen for the girls in most endpoints, although only significant
for language function, long-term memory and manual motor speed. For the
boys no negative effects on the results from the neuropsychological testswere

In a combined analysis model of the neuropsychological endpoints, we found
an overall negative effect of prenatal pesticide exposure on neuropsychological
function in girls but not in boys. Maternal pesticide exposure in early
pregnancy seems to have a negative effect on neurodevelopment, which was
detectable among girls but not among boys in the 6-11 years of age.

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